Textile Machinery Products

Creating a niche of Textile Machinery Products such as Clutch Brake Combinations, Fail Safe Brakes, Textile Machinery Clutches, Brakes For Textile Machinery.

Electromegnetic Clutches, Brakes & Combinations

This Clutch Brake Combination is used in Automatic Looms in the textile industry.

Features :
• Suitable for leading Auto Looms in the Industry
• Retrofitment with your existing units
• Clutch / Brakes spare parts availability
Food Grade Lubricants
Fail Safe Brakes
These brakes are used to stop the motor immediately on Power failure / switching off. In Textile Mills these brakes are used in the following Machines & Textile Testing Equipments
• LR Old Comber
• LR New Comber
• Rieter Comber
• LR Draw Frame
• LR Ribbon Lap
Fail Safe Brakes
Brakes For Textile Machinery
Flange Mounted Brake- Normally Off (UFB) is an Electromagnetic Normally Off Brake, which operates in D.C. Supply. When D.C. Supply is given to the Brake Coil, it attracts the Armature and stops the rotating component. When power supply is switched OFF, it releases the Armature.
Brakes For Textile Machinery

Textile Machinery Clutches

Flange Mounted Clutches are Normally Off type clutches, used to transmit torque, when needed.These clutches are used in the following Textile Machines / Textile Testing Equipments:

• LR Bale Opener
• LR High Production Card C 1/3
• Loop Steamer Texcel

Textile Machinery Clutches
Textile Machine Spares

TFO Spindles & Bolesters
Murata, Leewah, Prerna, Vijay Laxmi, Volkman

Ceramic Guides / Thread Guides

Autoconer (Schlafhorst 238 / 338) Spare Parts as per CAT. No.
Reconditioning of Feed Rollers, Feed Plate, Calender Roller, Coiler Plate of Carding & Draw Frames, Drums of Autoconers & Winding Machine, Sharpening of Steel & Ceramic Cutters
Turnkey Projects of Humifification Plant & Spares of All Make / Model Like Luwa, LTG...
Eliminators, Dampers, Diffusers, Insulated Doors, Nozzles, Fan, Fan Housing

Filter Cloth & Filter Media for Spinning, Weaving & Processing
Rotary Filter, Dust Collector Bag, Piecers Bag, Filter Screen, Bylon Mesh for Ring Frame, Comber, Blow Room & Humidification Plant.